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‘Gender Bias’ has always been deeply rooted in the soils of India. The dominance of the male class is greatly responsible for the late flourishment of the women. Women were deprived of education and hence weren’t able to work with dignity in society. Undoubtedly, women can efficiently bring about financial stability in a family while taking care of household chores. PECT is a firm believer of this ideology and hence takes several initiatives to empower the women of the rural area through education.

  1. Educating Girl

  2. Breaking the stereotype “A girl child is a burden to the family”, PECT persistently encourages the education of women. Besides, there are various advantages of literate women as there become good at rational decision making and can work at better places with higher income and with dignity. An educated woman always ensures the literacy rate of her family members and hence she makes the people around her educated.
    In this way, women education not only benefits the individual but also society.

  3. Women’s Voice

  4. Women usually fall prey to the dominance and harassment by the hands of the masculine population. Their rights are often suppressed by the societies.
    PECT hears voice of such women and works as a support system for them. PECT encourages these women to fight back for their rights and take decisions of their lives without getting influenced.

  5. Earning An Income

  6. PECT empowers women to transform their lives in the direction of betterment. It helps them in earning more at the workplaces and also encourages the entrepreneurs. PECT believes that a working woman not only benefits the family but also the communities and the local economy.