Women Empowerment 2015-16


The root cause of poverty is lack of control on lives of women and girls – so we help women and girls, empower themselves to overcome poverty. PECT organized two programmes on Educating Girls, Women’s Voice and Earning An Income under umbrella of Women Empowerment Campaign at Madhi Village on 15/04/2015 and at Rajkot on 01/08/2015 to 07/08/2015. We see women’s empowerment as a journey, not a destination. Understanding what enables women to embark on these journeys, what pathways are available to them, which routes they take, and what assists them along the way is essential if we are to support women to empower themselves.  About 65 Women got benefit under this programme.

PECT Team addressed to the participants that Children are the future hope of any nation and their future is mostly dependent on their parents specifically mothers. So, when we educate a mother, a family is educated, when a mother is empowered, the whole family is empowered.