Social Awareness 2015-16


Social awareness programs among the parents regarding child care, family planning, govt. schemes, sanity and health care, early marriage, balanced diets etc. are conducted regularly by our team members.

Tribal Area Awareness Programme

PECT organized a Tribal Area Awareness Programme from 25/12/2014 to 30/12/2015 at Faldhara Village of Valsad District in Gujarat State, which is a small village of Tribal People. Under this programme PECT assume many awareness activities for the people of Tribal Area with help of a Team of 15 volunteers. About 1441 people got benefit under this programme.

PECT Team met the villagers, women and children and brought awareness through the following activities.

  • Comprehensive village development
  • Activities related with education: Balwadi, supplementary classes for school-going children, school at the brick kilns, education to katkari women, hostel for children, motivate children to go to school.
  • Activities related with Womens development : Formation of Womens groups, Saving group of women, training of self-emp loyment, Womens Co-operative Society, Income generation for women, Womens employment, etc.
  • Youth development activities: Formation of Youth groups.
  • Health activities: Primary health care, health education, health project of family planning.
  • Swachh Bharat and Sanitation.