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Being an overpopulated and developing country, the abundance of illness and diseases are deep-rooted in the soils of India. While the number of elite hospitals in the cities increases, the queues in the government hospitals also increase magnanimously.

PECT carries out free check-ups for the elderly and also conducts vaccination programs for the infants. Also, it organizes various seminars related to the preservation of healthiness, Yoga awareness, Meditation, Pranayama and Rehabilitation of various patients. Children born in poor families often fall prey to frequent illness and chronic diseases. Due to insufficient funds, the parents of such children are unable to provide the required treatment to them. As a result, children die from these chronic diseases or in some cases malnutrition.

  1. Child Health

  2. Children in poor communities are many times more likely to suffer ill-health, to have their development stunted by malnutrition, or to die from preventable illnesses, than children in richer communities and countries.

  3. Medical Relief

  4. PECT grants fund for offering medicine to the poor and needy people under the Medical Relief Campaign. It has been decided by our board that we will provide free medical service in future. We, the team of PECT decided to establish a Free Medicinal Unit with medical and surgical treatment to serve the needy and the poor in rural area. This free of cost treatment will be provided by a small team of medical volunteers. PECT hereby also invites medical volunteers to join this campaign as soon as possible.

    To improve the deteriorating health of the needy, PECT organizes the Medical Relief Campaign. The NGO aims at providing free medical services to the residents of the tribal and rural areas. A ‘Free Medical Unit’ is established by PECT to achieve the same target. The medical volunteers will not only provide regular check-ups but also surgical treatment, if required. To create a broader network of professionals in the medical field, PECT invites the entries of such professionals to join the team as a medical volunteer.