Health 2014-15


Rog Nidan Camp

Padmanabham Education & Charitable Trust believes that health is the super most and first priority        of society and celebrates special days proclaimed by state, National Government or international organizations like Govt. of India, United National.

Dated on 01/05/2014 the Trust organized HIV/AIDS reviewing meeting in Lati Plot, Jasdan. The main      motive of this meeting was to review all facts and figure about cured Patients from the HIV/AIDS       and also    discussed in which area mostly patients are detected.

PADMANABHAM (NGO) organized awareness and educative lectures in Shree Maruti      Kelavani Mandal       Managed B. Ed. College, At: Jasapar on Health, Environment and in Nursing School of Atkot, on Women’s      Health in India and in Eklavya School, Jasdan on nutrition and our BPL marginal population on World         Health Day.