Environment Awareness Programme 2016-17


PECT organized a one day Awareness Programme on 22/04/2016 at Rajkot.  The objective of the seminar is to create mass awareness among general public, students and other target groups about environmental problems and to take measures for environment protection by active involvement of Students and general public.

PECT also celebrates all environmentally important days such as World Wetland Day  (2nd February), Earth Day (22nd April) World Environment Day (5th June), International Day for Preservation of Ozone layer (16th Sep), International Day for Conservation of Biodiversity (22nd May), etc. by motivating all active students of different area with the help of volunteers. Among 100 participants and 5 in organizing team were there and got awareness about Environment.

We encourage the participants for celebrating environment related days may themselves present and solicit ideas on what to do for particular day. They may form groups to discuss and rank the ideas and add new ones. They may pick the top one, two, or three and devise plans to make them happen.