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Education is equivalent to a magic spell that can surprisingly bring about a 180-degree reformation in an individual’s life. It has the power to transform the lifestyles of individuals and hence take them to heights in their lives. As we look back in the past, we can find pieces of evidence of the unawareness and unacceptability rearing education. Also, the availability of education was limited to many categorical constraints. Especially women, backward community, poor people, etc.

Even in 2019, we come across many such societies wherein the backward communities and mostly the people lying Below Poverty Line (BPL) are devoid of the educational facility. PECT has taken an initiative of educating the tribals from remote villages and localities. Thus, PECT acts as a bridge between the tribal and/or needy people and the educational facilities. In this process of imparting education, PECT also conducts several seminars and literacy sessions for such people.