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PECT NGO bridges people within the country and from different countries. Though divided by country borders, but when Humanity calls, all stand side by side, in one line, holding up Unity. We have our immensely dedicated and responsible supporters from abroad and within the Nation. It is a diversified team wherein, each one enhances their skills and tends to continuous improvement in all possible manners and helps one another in growing. We believe in giving a hand and lifting up people and walking shoulder to shoulder, and are successfully justifying the same. Different belongings, but sharing one common vision together.

Ms. Bharti Myangar


Mr. Kartikeya Myangar


Mr. A. C. Kangariwala


Mr. Manish Meta


Ms. Angie Han

Mr. Vasudev Mehta


Ms. Rosie Minako

Mr. Chhaganlal Tailor

London (UK)

Mr. Thakor Bhagat

London (UK)

Ms. Jasvanti Bhagat

London (UK)

Mr. Sandip Bhagat

London (UK)

Ms. Mina Bhagat

London (UK)

Ms. Shital Vaghela


KS. Hemendra Vegad