The year 2012-13 was our initial year of foundation. We were committed to our goals of social welfare from the inception of our establishment. So we have conducted many welfare and educational programs in spite of having very limited resources and man power. We were so committed that we had achieved our goals from the vary beginning of establishment.

List of Activities Undertaken in 2013-14

Sr. No. Name of Activities Place of Activities Date Number of Beneficiaries
1 Environment Awareness Program At: Kamlapur Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 18/04/2013 65
2 Paryavaran Jagruti Shibir At: Ajmer Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 02/05/2013 45
3 Women Empowerment Program At: JasdanTa: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 19/07/2013 75
4 Shivan Class Training Program At: Barvala Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 25/10/2013 76
5 Cultural Program At: Jasapar Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 14/09/2013 65
6 Bal Day Celebration At: JasaparĀ  Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 14/09/2013 225
7 Adult Seva At: JasdanTa: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 01/10/2013 90
8 Environment Awareness Program At: Ankadiya Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 26/01/2014 65
9 Yuva Shibir At: Atkot Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 01/03/2014 55
10 Scholarship for Higher Education At: JasdanTa: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 2013-14 10