Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life. It is a movement from darkness to light. Without education, people get caught in the inter-generational cycles of poverty and backwardness. Seven decades have passed after independence but still, India struggles to achieve a literacy rate of over 90 per cent. Providing quality education to all children of India should be the top priority of both the State and Central governments. And thus, the different departments of the Government of India often support charities to bring more and more children under the ambit of their education initiatives. Regarding this, PECT arrange motivational & inspirational seminars for the youth to clear their goals of life, give opportunities to students and needy to build their career. There are hundreds of students all over the country who have had to give up their higher education due to the lack of financial stability. In such a case, whenever required we should provide scholarship to deserving person is nothing but short of a blessing. The scholarship provided by PECT can help to accomplish the dreams and ambitions.

PECT started a Free Coaching Unit as a first step to serve education to the children of slum area. This units provides free educational material and free coaching for improvement in education level of children whose family can not afford frees for education.


Bal Day Celebration

PECT organized Bal Day Celebration at Eklavya School – Jasdan on 14/09/2015. In which, about 250 children of this school participated in different activities and lectures are delivered to them for the Nation and history of “Children’s Day” Shri Shivraj Khachar, an educationalist of this area given a motivational speech on this occasion.


Yuva Shibir

Two Days residential youth motivational Camp was organized at Seva Dham, Ahwa – The Dangs on 01/10/2015 to 02/10/2015.  Among 40 participants and 5 in organizing team were there. Vedic Chanting, Yoga Games and Bhajans were the part of the camp. There was special session on various activities of personality development, Swachchh Bharat etc. Camp was concluded with discussion followed by the reslove to the work for the society. The program helps increase Youth confidence and self-reliance.


Career Guidance Seminar

PECT organized a seminar on ‘Career Guidance’ at Vansda – Navsari in Tribal Area of South Gujarat on 04/01/2016. The seminar was aimed to enhance the skills of the students in order to impart them market oriented skills and to cope with new challenges and demands which was attended by 60 graduate students. PECT Team addressed to the participants that students must focus on excellence instead of titles or status in the practical field. They emphasized that a student must know his capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. The basic aim is to provide comprehensive guidance to the students for planning their career and prospects of earning independently from competitive market after completing academics courses.


Free Coaching Unit

A primary level free coaching unit for under privileged slum children is running by the PECT at Jasdan, 30 number of children are getting on regular basis educational support service, coaching. Besides this, study materials, school uniform, bag and also other necessary stationery has been provided to the under privileged students. PECT consistently offers them opportunities to get value in education. The main aim of this programme is to make them grow interest on studies, and to stop them drop out. These children with the education they have acquired thus contributing to the society with education person. A team of young social workers Mohit Majithiya, Hetal Vaghela and Gaurang Vaghela pursuing the role of teachers in this unit.


Cultural Programme – Jasdan (Republic Day)

Patriotism was at an exciting higher level for 26th January when the PECT students decorated the Free Coaching Unit in the tri-colour for Republic Day celebrations. The day started with flag hoisting followed by ceremonial march past and mesmerizing cultural performances by students at Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan – Jasdan. We thank all our guests who came and share the celebration with us.


Scholarship for Higher Education

In 2015-16, we awarded 40 scholarships to girls and boys in rural Gujarat. Our ultimate goal is to support over a thousand scholarships across India annually. There are hundreds of students all over the country who have had to give up their higher education due to the lack of financial stability. In such a case we give a hand to students of financially backward class to move further on their educational path. .PECT has granted scholarship to 40 scholars make their dream come true.


Medical Relief

PECT grants fund for offering medicine to the poor and needy people under the Medical Relief Campaign. It has been decided by our board that we will provide free medical service in future. We, the team of PECT decided to establish a Free Medicinal Unit with medical and surgical treatment to serve the needy and the poor in rural area. This free of cost treatment will be provided by a small team of medical volunteers. PECT hereby also invites medical volunteers to join this campaign as soon as possible. PECT has granted fund for medical expense to 03 needy people who are not able to purchase the medicine and other expense due to lake of financial position.


Women Empowerment

The root cause of poverty is lack of control on lives of women and girls – so we help women and girls, empower themselves to overcome poverty. PECT organized two programmes on Educating Girls, Women’s Voice and Earning An Income under umbrella of Women Empowerment Campaign at Madhi Village on 15/04/2015 and at Rajkot on 01/08/2015 to 07/08/2015. We see women’s empowerment as a journey, not a destination. Understanding what enables women to embark on these journeys, what pathways are available to them, which routes they take, and what assists them along the way is essential if we are to support women to empower themselves.  About 65 Women got benefit under this programme.


PECT Team addressed to the participants that Children are the future hope of any nation and their future is mostly dependent on their parents specifically mothers. So, when we educate a mother, a family is educated, when a mother is empowered, the whole family is empowered.


Social Awareness

Social awareness programs among the parents regarding child care, family planning, govt. schemes, sanity and health care, early marriage, balanced diets etc. are conducted regularly by our team members.


Tribal Area Awareness Programme

PECT organized a Tribal Area Awareness Programme from 25/12/2014 to 30/12/2015 at Faldhara Village of Valsad District in Gujarat State, which is a small village of Tribal People. Under this programme PECT assume many awareness activities for the people of Tribal Area with help of a Team of 15 volunteers. About 1441 people got benefit under this programme.

PECT Team met the villagers, women and children and brought awareness through the following activities.

  • Comprehensive village development
  • Activities related with education: Balwadi, supplementary classes for school-going children, school at the brick kilns, education to katkari women, hostel for children, motivate children to go to school.
  • Activities related with Womens development : Formation of Womens groups, Saving group of women, training of self-emp loyment, Womens Co-operative Society, Income generation for women, Womens employment, etc.
  • Youth development activities: Formation of Youth groups.
  • Health activities: Primary health care, health education, health project of family planning.
  • Swachh Bharat and Sanitation.


Special Support Programme

        Give Little – Help A Lot

The PECT organized Cloth Donation Programme for the needy people of Tribal Area at Jesingpura of Tapi District on 14/06/2015 and at Haldari of Umarpada on 23/08/2015. The members of Trust and      volunteers team went door to door and meet the village people and give them clothes and other         households. About 300 families got benefit under this “Give Little – Help A Lot” campaign. We also     provide blankets and arrange food for needy people under this campaign, free of cost. Many of the poor    children come in old shorts and some have hardly any clothing to wear. They are provided clothes by       PECT under the charity campaign “Give Little – Help A Lot”. The Campaign is funded by the foreign      delegates of PECT, Shri Thakorbhai B. Bhagat and Smt. Jasuben Thakorbhai Bhagat (London – U.K.). Smt.         Kapilaben (Sarpanch-Jesingpura), Shri Mansingbhai of Jesingpura and the Volunteer Team of Chetan Ahir, Bhupendra Gamit, Sandip Gamit, Hemant Desai, Snehal Vasava remains present and supported PECT to         make this programme successful.





Activities Undertaken In 2015-16

Sr. No. Name of Activities Place of Activities Date Number of Beneficiaries
1 Women Empowerment Programme At: Madhi, Ta: Bardoli, Dist: Surat 15/04/2015 40
2 Cloth Donation Programme At: Jesingpura, Ta: Vyara, Dist: Tapi 14/06/2015 130
3 Women Empowerment Programme At: Rajkot, Dist: Rajkot 01/08/2015 to 07/08/2015 25
4 Cloth Donation Programme At: Haldari, Ta: Umarpada, Dist: Surat 23/08/2015 170
5 Bal Day Celebration At: Jasdan Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 14/09/2015 250
6 Yuva Shibir At: Ahwa – The Dangs 01/10/2015 to 02/10/2015 40
7 Tribal Area Awareness Programme At: Faldhara, Ta:Dharampur, Dist: Valsad 25/12/2015 to 30/12/2015 1441
8 Career Guidance Seminar At: Vansda, Ta: Vansda, Dist: Navsari 04/01/2016 60
9 Cultural Programme – Jasdan (Republic Day) At: Jasdan Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 26/01/2016 50
10 Medical Relief At: Jasdan,Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 2015-16 03
11 Scholarship for Higher Education At: Jasdan,Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 2015-16 40
12 Free Coaching Unit At: Jasdan,Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 2016-16 30