Bal day

        The Padmanabham Education & Charitable Trust has celebrated Bal Day on 14/09/2014 with Eklavya         School, Jasdan and admired the students of the school. In this programme the Trust and its volunteers   gave cultural knowledge and distribute prize to the students for their achievements and give knowledge of    Bal Day to the students.


        Career Guidance Seminar

        PECT, Madhi organized a seminar on career guidance for the students of Higher education. 43 candidate     of Education Faculty studying B. Ed. course took part in this seminar. Dr. Madhubhai Hirapara (Professor         of Education Faculty) and Dr. Brinda Myangar (Ph.D. in Education) guided the participants for their career. The seminar was organize on 14th and      15th February, 2015. Books of Guidance and Counseling        and Principal of Education donated to each candidate by PECT. This seminar is funded by Shir Dineshbhai        Nashit and Handicraft Manufacturers of Jasdan.


        Free Coaching Unit

As far as Jasdan is a socially and educationally backward area of Saurashtra the Trust has     decided to start a        unit of free coaching for the school students residing in slum area. This         coaching unit handled by Shri   Mohit Majithiya, a volunteer of this Trust. In this Free Coaching Unit there are about 65 student of std.         1st to 10th takes benefit of free coaching. All the student of this unit comes from the slum area of         Jasdan whose financial and educational situation is very poor. The Unit is started on 1st March, 2015 with        an aim of to grow up the educational standard in the poor students who is not able to pay fees for         coaching. The Trust is very thankful to the donors who have funded and supported the PECT to achieve     this goal.


Scholarship for Higher Education

The Trust has issued Scholarship to 50 needy students for Higher Education. The students who had       interested to get higher education but the financial position are not well and due to same they cannot able   to get higher education. So the Trust stands beside and encourages them for higher study and helps them       to pay admission fees.



        Rog Nidan Camp

Padmanabham Education & Charitable Trust believes that health is the super most and first priority        of society and celebrates special days proclaimed by state, National Government or international organizations like Govt. of India, United National.

Dated on 01/05/2014 the Trust organized HIV/AIDS reviewing meeting in Lati Plot, Jasdan. The main      motive of this meeting was to review all facts and figure about cured Patients from the HIV/AIDS       and also    discussed in which area mostly patients are detected.

PADMANABHAM (NGO) organized awareness and educative lectures in Shree Maruti      Kelavani Mandal       Managed B. Ed. College, At: Jasapar on Health, Environment and in Nursing School of Atkot, on Women’s      Health in India and in Eklavya School, Jasdan on nutrition and our BPL marginal population on World         Health Day.


Women Empowerment

        Beti Bachavo Abhiyan

PADMANABHAM (NGO) organized a    program on ‘Beti Bachavo Abhiyan’  at         Syadla village of Valod,      Dist: Tapi which is a Tribal Area of Gujarat. The volunteer of trust organized many group meeting with the      villagers and introduce them about the importance of girl child and call them to participate with a huge         population in Beti Bachavo Abhiyan.

This Program was arrange from   01/06/2014 to 05/06/2014 at Syadla         village which is nearby the Office        of the Trust at Madhi Village of Bardoli Taluka.



Social Awareness

        Tribal Area Awareness Programme

The PADMANABHAM (NGO) organized a Tribal Area Awareness Programme from 30/12/2014 To 07/01/2015 at Faldhara Village of Valsad District in Gujarat State, which is a small village of Tribal People. Under this programme the Trust assume many awareness activities for the people of Tribal Area with help of Trustees and 18 volunteers of the Trust.

Day – 1

On the First day the volunteer team organized a meeting with Sarpanch and Managing Committee of the School of Faldhara village and got permission to carry out different programmes in the village for the upliftment of the villagers.

The volunteers’ teams go from door-to-door in the village and motivate parents to send their children to school. They try to motivate parents, teachers and members of the village education committee and panchayat members to strengthen the existing education centers. They spread awareness about malaria and ways to prevent the disease from spreading. They also inculcate a sense of citizenship among the children and create awareness on child rights and campaign for it.

Day – 2

A group of volunteer teachers carry out teaching activities from 30/12/2014 To 07/01/2015 (5 – Hour in each day) like lectures, competitions, cultural activities, sport activities, competitive examination and encourage the children to take part in every activities and also give the information to the Staff of Faldhara Madhyamik Shala about different methodology of teaching in school subject.

Day – 3          

On the Third day the volunteer teachers of Trust carry out 18 Research Activity under guidance of Secretary of the Trust Dr. Brinda Myangar on 800 Tribal student of Faldhara Village about problems faced by the children to get education.

Day – 4

The member of Trust with the volunteer team organized meeting with the villagers for the awareness about Education of their children and give information about Govt. Scheme. During this meeting the team members gave their ideas to solve the problem faced by the student to get education. The group informed the villagers about the problems of students and guided them how to provide suitable atmosphere for their child to get education.

Day – 5 and 6

The organization arranged street programmes including showing Social Telefilm, Drama on liberation from addiction, Save Girl, Right to Education, Importance of Child Education, Social Behavior etc.

            Day – 7

The Trust organized a Cultural Program in Faldhara High School Compound on this last day and has invited Mr. Isvarbhai D. Patel (President, Faldhara School) as chief guest, Shri Kantibhai K. Patel (Sarpanch, Faldhara) as inaugural, and Shri Bhagubhai M. Patel (Principal),  Shri Dipakbhai G. Patel (Secretary, Jay Ambe Charitable Trust, Faldhara),  Shri Naileshbhai C. Patel (Secretary, Seva Sahkari Mandali, Faldhara), Shri Vasanjibhai R. Patel (Former Principal).

During this program, the students of school presented their cultural dance, dramas and speeches. The Guests, Sarpanch and Principal have given their contended views on this 7-days awareness programme.

The villagers also share their fair experience which has given them a new thinking for their            children’s education.

The Trust has gifted educational materials to the students who have participated in different activities during the seven days and encouraged and motivated them to be rise and achieve their goals.




Book Donation

The trust has organized a program for Book Donation for the children of socially and educationally Backward Class at Bakhalvad Village of Jasdan Taluka with the collaboration of Sister Dream Educational Trust on 18/06/2014. The Bakhalvad Prathmik Shala and the Staff of School and also villagers be presented in this inauguration.


Dated on 19/06/2014 the Trust organized same book donation program at Vavda Prathmik Shala. Ta: Babra, Dist: Amreli. In this program 70 students get benefit of the books.


Dated on 20/06/2014 the Trust organized same book donation program at Navagam Prathmik Shala. Ta: Jadan, Dist: Rajkot.


A special book of English Study prepared by Prof. Kishan Rathod and Prof. Shivrajsinh Khachar has been distributed to 200 needy students free of cost by the trust.



Activities Undertaken in 2014-15 

Sr. No. Name of Activities Place of Activities Date Number of Beneficiaries
1 Rog Nidan Camp At: Jasdan Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 01/05/2014 54
2 Beti Bachavo Abhiyan At: Syadla Ta: Valod Dist:Tapi 01/06/2014 to 05/06/2014 98
3 Book Donation At: Bakhalvad / Vavda / Navagam, Ta: Jasdan, Dist: Rajkot 18/06/2014 19/06/2014 20/06/2014 200
4 Bal Day Celebration At: Madhi Ta: Bardoli Dist: Surat 14/09/2014 87
5 Tribal Area Awareness Programme At: Faldhara, Ta: Dharampur, Dist: Valsad 30/12/2014 to 07/01/2015 1300
6 Career Guidance Seminar At: Madhi, Ta: Bardoli, Dist: Surat 14/02/2015 15/02/2015 43
7 Free Coaching Unit At: Jasdan Ta: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 01/03/2015 65
8 Scholarship for Higher Education At: JasdanTa: Jasdan Dist: Rajkot 2014-15 50